Central Eurasian Studies

About the Department of Central Eurasian Studies

The Department of Central Eurasian Studies is part of the School of Global and International Studies.

The Department of Central Eurasian Studies (CEUS) offers a wide range of courses designed to promote a multi-disciplinary training in the languages, histories, cultures, religions, economies, geopolitics and international relations of one or more Central Eurasian regions of specialization. The Department covers contemporary and historical regions of critical significance, such as Tibet, Xinjiang, the Central Asian Muslim republics, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Hungary and the Baltics. Faculty in the Department conduct research and teach classes on such diverse topics as Islam and Buddhism, the Silk Road, the Mongol Conquest, the Dalai Lamas, Iranian Kings and Prophets, Empire and Ethnicity in the Soviet Union and Nation-Building in the Post-Soviet world.