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Indiana University allows students to retake up to three IU courses (or a total of 10 credit hours) and have the grades earned in an earlier enrollment of the same courses (and topics, where applicable) marked with an "X," with some significant restrictions. The "X'd" grades are no longer factored into the Indiana University GPA on the student's transcript. Students wishing to pursue this option should read the full text of the policy. Additionally, College of Arts and Sciences students should contact their academic advisor(s) and the College Recorder's Office.

Important Note: The College does not acknowledge this policy for internal GPA purposes. All grades in completed coursework, even if an "X" is on record, are calculated into the College of Arts and Sciences cumulative GPA. Since this policy does not affect the College GPA (that is, the College still includes the grade earned in the first enrollment in the College GPA), class rank, major GPA, and the academic standing of College of Arts and Sciences students remain unaffected by any "X" grade. This policy does not apply to the B.L.S. See the Grade Point Averages (GPAs) policy for more information on how GPAs in the College are calculated.

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  • 2018-05-01: Policy edited for clarity and style.