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Academic Restart

Students who have been away from Indiana University for at least five years and who earned grades that make it impossible or very difficult to return to a College of Arts and Sciences degree program may petition for a "restart." Under a restart, the College of Arts and Sciences will establish a new degree record for the student that will consist of courses previously taken that were completed with a minimum grade of C. Note that all Indiana University coursework will remain on the student's permanent record (the university transcript); this policy will affect only the student's College of Arts and Sciences record.

Students will be eligible for consideration for this policy once a minimum of five years have passed since full-time or continuous part-time enrollment. Students will need to provide evidence that indicates a significant change in their ability to succeed in academic work. Reevaluation of fundamental skills may be necessary before the student can proceed. Students should petition for a restart as part of the readmission process. For information about deadlines for submitting readmission petitions, please see the Readmission policy.

Students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Retention and Achievement to begin the petition process and to discuss the details of this policy.

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