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Academic Advising

The College of Arts and Sciences has a staff of dedicated and knowledgeable academic advisors who help students make informed decisions about their course of study and maximize the College experience. Students should seek out and work with academic advisors in College departments and programs that offer the majors, minors, and certificates they are interested in pursuing. (For an up-to-date listing of all College academic advisors, please see the Academic Advisor. Advisors can aid students in understanding of this Bulletin and their Academic Advisement Reports, which document student progress toward the completion of degree requirements. Nevertheless, it is imperative that students remember it is ultimately their responsibility to inform themselves about requirements to earn a Bachelor's Degree from the College, and to make sure that they plan their course of studies to achieve their academic objectives. For more information, see the Student Responsibility policy.

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  • 2018-05-01: Updated policy language to be consistent with current practice.