Majors, minors + certificates

Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Computational Linguistics (CMLNBSMSBS)Department of Linguistics

Students on Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 requirements.


The Bachelor of Science in Computational Linguistics studies how language works in order to determine how a computer can understand and work with language. Typical applications include machine translation, automatic summarization of texts, and intelligent computer-assisted language learning. The major includes foundational courses from linguistics, computer science and computational linguistics. Potential employers include large technology companies, start-ups, and universities and research institutes.

Major requirements

The major requires at least 45 credit hours (57 credit hours with the Outside Focal Area), including the requirements listed below.

  1. Math and Logic Foundation.
    1. Mathematics. One (1) course:
    2. Statistics. One (1) course:
    3. Logic. One (1) course:
  2. Core.
    1. Linguistics.
      1. Introduction to Linguistic Analysis. One (1) course:
      2. Phonetics. One (1) course:
      3. Phonology. One (1) course:
      4. Syntax. One (1) course:
    2. Computational.
      1. Language and Computers. One (1) course:
      2. Corpus Linguistics. One (1) course:
      3. Foundational Skills in Computational Linguistics. One (1) course:
      4. Introduction to Computational Linguistics. One (1) course:
    3. Computer Science.
      1. Introduction to Computer Science. One (1) course:
      2. Introduction to Software Systems. One (1) course:
      3. Discrete Structures for Computer Science. One (1) course:
  3. Outside Focal Area. One (1) of the following;
    • Outside Focal Area Disciplines. Complete 12 credit hours in one (1) of the following disciplines:
      • Cognitive Science
      • Computer Science
      • Informatics
      • Mathematics
      • Psychology
      • Foreign language (must be different from the language used to fulfill the General Education World Language and Cultures requirement)
    • Outside Minor. Complete a minor offered in one of the disciplines listed in the Outside Focal Area Disciplines.
  4. M.S. Requirements.
    • All requirements for the M.S. in Computational Linguistics must be completed with a grade of B- or higher.
    • All University Graduate School policies and procedures must be followed for the graduate portion of the degree program.
  5. GPA and Hours Requirements.
    1. Major Residency. At least 18 credit hours in the major must be completed in courses taken through the Indiana University Bloomington campus or an IU-administered or IU co-sponsored Overseas Study program.
    2. Major Upper Division Courses. At least 18 credit hours in the major must be completed at the 300–499 level.
    3. Minimum Grade. Except for the GPA requirement, a grade of C- or higher is required for a course to count toward a requirement in the major.
    4. Major GPA. A GPA of at least 2.000 for all courses taken in the major—including those where a grade lower than C- is earned—is required.

Bachelor of Science requirements

The Bachelor of Science degree requires at least 120 credit hours, to include the following:

  1. College of Arts and Sciences Credit Hours. At least 100 credit hours must come from College of Arts and Sciences disciplines.
  2. Upper Division Courses. At least 36 credit hours (of the 120) must be at the 300–499 level.
  3. College Residency. Following completion of the 60th credit hour toward degree, at least 36 credit hours of College of Arts and Sciences coursework must be completed through the Indiana University Bloomington campus or an IU-administered or IU co-sponsored Overseas Study program.
  4. College GPA. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.000 is required for all courses taken at Indiana University.
  5. CASE Requirements. The following College of Arts and Sciences Education (CASE) requirements must be completed:
    1. CASE Foundations
      1. English Composition: 1 course
      2. Mathematical Modeling: 1 course
    2. CASE Breadth of Inquiry
      1. Arts and Humanities: 2 courses
      2. Natural and Mathematical Sciences: 4 courses
      3. Social and Historical Studies: 2 courses
    3. CASE Culture Studies
      1. Diversity in the United States: 1 course
      2. Global Civilizations and Cultures: Not required
    4. CASE Critical Approaches: 1 course
    5. CASE Foreign Language: Proficiency in a single foreign language through the second semester of the second year of college-level coursework
    6. CASE Intensive Writing: 1 course
    7. CASE Public Oral Communication: 1 course
  6. Major. Completion of the major as outlined in the Major Requirements section above.

Most students must also succesfully complete the Indiana University Bloomington General Education program.