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Using the Bulletin

About the Bulletin

Beginning with the 2018-2019 Bulletin Year (which began May 2018), the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin is published at Unlike previous versions of the College's Bulletin, this version is dynamic so that students, faculty, and staff can rely on a single resource for up-to-date course descriptions, prerequisites, and course lists. 

Specific degree requirements are now attached to the degree, certificate, or minor being pursued. Care should be taken to ensure that the appropriate Bulletin Year is selected from the bulletin year menu where it appears.

Once established for a given Bulletin Year (which is essentially a set of requirement terms), degree, major, certificate and minor requirements generally will not change for students following that set of requirements. The courses that fulfill the requirements, however, can change from year to year. Students should consult this Bulletin each year for up-to-date course lists.

Determining which Bulletin Year to use

In most cases, students will follow the requirements and policies published for the Bulletin Year in effect during the first term for which they enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Indiana University Bloomington. There are some exceptions to this.

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How often is the Bulletin updated?

Semesterly (Summer, Fall, Spring)Annually (Summer)
  • Course descriptions (including course numbers, titles, and prerequisites)
  • CASE lists
  • Degree, major, certificate, and minor requirements
  • Course lists attached to major, certificate, and minor requirements
  • Policies and procedures