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Under Review

The 2023-2024 requirements are not yet finalized and are subject to change so long as this notice is in place. While the information presented is generally reliable, you should confirm the information later this summer when requirements are finalized.

CASE Lists

All students earning a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete CASE requirements. CASE requirements vary by the degree(s) being pursued, so students should review the Degree tab under the Requirements section for their degree to determine which and how many courses are required in each CASE area.

4 courses found. Showing results 1–4.
CASE Type(s) Course
CMLT-C 110 Writing the World
ENG-W 131 Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I
ENG-W 170 Introduction to Argumentative Writing: Projects in Reading and Writing
Topic: Projects in Reading & Writing
ENG-W 171 Projects in Digital Literacy + Composition