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Below you will find the list of courses offered through the College's schools, departments, and programs. This list includes important information about each course, including the course description, credit hours, prerequisites, repeatability, and more. Use the filters to narrow your search.


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  • MSCH-A 251 Creative Content Creation in Advertising (3 cr.) P: MSCH-C 250 or BUS-C 204. Introduces and provides practice in the skill-set necessary to interpret a creative brief for the purpose of developing and implementing an advertising campaign across multiple media channels. Explores the structure and interdependence of the multidisciplinary creative teams that make such campaigns successful.
  • MSCH-A 301 Media and Consumer Behavior (3 cr.) Introduces ways media producers and advertisers conceptualize and measure audiences. Examines strategies and criteria used to evaluate media as advertising delivery vehicles. Covers skills needed to utilize market research and match media with products, services, and behavioral campaign goals.
  • MSCH-A 305 Strategic Content Development (3 cr.) P: A grade of C- or higher in MSCH-C 250 or MSCH-C 226; and in MSCH-A 251; or consent of instructor. Introduces the strategic skills needed to develop and execute creative marketing campaigns. Provides practice in integrated communication strategies, concepts, copy writing, and design for print, broadcast, direct, mobile, digital, and social media campaigns.
  • MSCH-A 315 Advertising and Consumer Culture (3 cr.) Critical examination of advertising's role in modern societies. Focuses on marketing and consumption as central activities in shaping personal identity and social relations.
  • MSCH-A 347 Persuasive Messaging in Media (3 cr.) Theory and practice of designing, implementing, and evaluating persuasive materials and messaging campaigns for consumer-focused media. Emphasis on current strategies and techniques employed throughout all media with a concentration on broadcasting.
  • MSCH-A 360 Media Advertising Topics (1–4 cr.) Focuses on emerging trends in media advertising, including related social and political issues, content creation and production, and unique trends and events. May be repeated up to 4 times for credit for a maximum of 8 credit hours.
  • MSCH-A 435 Advertising Issues and Research (3 cr.) P: A grade of C- or higher in MSCH-C 209; or consent of instructor. Critical analysis and research course that seeks to evaluate methods and approaches in advertising as they relate to consumer culture, global ethics, and human nature. Explores scenarios and circumstances present in the ever-changing advertising world and focuses on how and why advertising decisions are made.
  • MSCH-A 441 Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Planning (3 cr.) P: A grade of C- or higher in MSCH-A 301. Provides a detailed examination of the development, execution, and assessment of advertising campaigns. Offers insights into the planning process and an extended opportunity to integrate and apply the principles acquired.
  • MSCH-A 442 Brand Strategy and Media Management (3 cr.) P: A grade of C- or higher in MSCH-A 301, and either MSCH-C 226 or MSCH-C 250 or BUS-C 204, or consent from instructor. Covers branding and brand equity concepts relevant to management of media advertising. Concepts are applied to analyses of case studies of brand creation, development, and extinction in media advertising.
  • MSCH-A 450 Advertising Portfolio Workshop (3 cr.) P: A grade of C- or higher in MSCH-A 301 and MSCH-A 305; or consent of instructor. Hands-on workshop focused on the creation of advertising and marketing communication content and campaigns to be showcased on a professional advertising portfolio website.