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Below you will find the list of courses offered through the College's schools, departments, and programs. This list includes important information about each course, including the course description, credit hours, prerequisites, repeatability, and more. Use the filters to narrow your search.


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  • SLHS-A 100 American Sign Language Level One (4 cr.) Introductory sign language course for students with no previous experience with sign language. Builds a good basic vocabulary of signs, teaches fingerspelling, introduces basic aspects of the grammar and the proper use of facial expression in sign language conversation. Includes exposure to deaf culture. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 100 or SPHS-A 100.
  • SLHS-A 150 American Sign Language Level Two (4 cr.) P: SLHS-A 100 or SPHS-A 100; or consent of instructor. Continues building receptive and expressive abilities developed in SLHS-A 100. Emphasizes the use of signing space, facial grammar, body postures, fluent fingerspelling, and continued vocabulary development. Introduces more complex grammatical structures. Includes further exposure to deaf culture. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 150 or SPHS-A 150.
  • SLHS-A 200 American Sign Language Level Three (3 cr.) P: SLHS-A 150 or SPHS-A 150; or consent of instructor. Emphasizes the development of conversational ability. Examines complex grammatical structures, emphasizing the ability to use these structures in conversation. Covers characteristics of the Deaf population and their cultural values. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 200 or SPHS-A 200.
  • SLHS-A 250 American Sign Language Level Four (3 cr.) P: SLHS-A 200 or SPHS-A 200; or consent of instructor. Provides further study of ASL grammar, syntax, and cultural features. Develops competency and fluency in conversational skills. Utilizes vocabulary, grammatical principles, and various discourse features in narratives and presentations in ASL. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 250 or SPHS-A 250.
  • SLHS-A 300 American Sign Language Level Five (3 cr.) P: SLHS-A 250 or SPHS-A 250; or consent of instructor. Focuses on continued use of receptive and expressive skills and the acquisition of comprehension skills appropriate to ASL Level Five. Provides an in-depth exploration of major grammatical features, examination of the function of ASL within specific contexts and registers, and opportunities to transition from classroom learning to non-classroom conversational experiences. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 300 or SPHS-A 300.
  • SLHS-A 350 Structure of American Sign Language (3 cr.) P: SLHS-A 150 or SPHS-A 150. Examines the linguistic structure of American Sign Language and how sign languages are similar to and different from spoken languages. Basic knowledge of ASL is necessary. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 350 or SPHS-A 350.
  • SLHS-A 400 Deaf Culture (3 cr.) Provides an overview of American Deaf culture, including cultural identity, core values, group norms, traditions, communication, language, and significant contributions made by Deaf persons. Views and perspectives of and from the Deaf community will be explored along with implications of cultural differences when the Deaf and hearing worlds overlap. Credit given for only one of SLHS-A 400 or SPHS-A 400.
  • SLHS-S 104 Human Communication and Its Disorders (4 cr.) Introduces the scientific foundation of human communication. Mechanisms underlying speaking and listening provide a framework for exploring core topics in speech, language, and hearing sciences. Emphasis given to solving scientific and clinical problems, including how to develop and test hypotheses, analyze data, and investigate how disease and injury affect communication systems.
  • SLHS-S 106 Hearing Science: An Overview (3 cr.) Introduction to hearing science and how it is applied toward the evaluation and treatment of clinical problems. Credit given for only one of SLHS-S 106 or SPHS-S 106.
  • SLHS-S 108 Speech and Language Sciences: An Overview (3 cr.) Introduction to the development and use of speech and language across the lifespan and to the scientific foundations of typical spoken communication. Surveys the application of speech and language sciences to the understanding of some common disorders of speech and language. Credit given for only one of SLHS-S 108 or SPHS-S 108.