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Political and Civic Engagement Program

Through academic and co-curricular experiences, the Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) Program helps students learn how to engage in a wide range of political and civic activities: advocacy groups; nonprofit agencies; political campaigns; branches of local, state, and national government; community organizations; and the media. PACE prepares students to enter work in political and civic organizations right after graduation and to pursue post-graduate education in law, public policy, the media, and kindred fields. It also enhances the education of students headed toward careers in other areas such as health care or the arts who want to be engaged citizens.

Co-curricular activities are critical to PACE's goal of developing students' political and civic knowledge and skills. They range from lectures and panels to informal meetings with individuals with a wide variety of political and civic experiences. PACE students also engage in discussions, election-related projects, program retreats, deliberations, community problem-solving, public meetings, and other activities designed to enhance their academic and experiential learning and to contribute to building a better democracy.