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Department of French and Italian

The Department of French and Italian (FRIT) offers majors in both French and Italian leading to the B.A. degree. Through study in our department, students can gain proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in French and Italian, as well as explore the literature and culture of Italy, France, and various francophone countries throughout the world. In addition, the French program offers courses in linguistics to discover the structure and development of the language.

Students in the French and Italian undergraduate program can take advantage of a wide variety of courses and faculty expertise, and they can gain the skills to participate in the long-standing, excellent overseas study programs IU offers in Bologna and Florence (Italy) and in Aix-en-Provence, Rennes, and Paris (France). We also offer rich extracurricular programs on the IUB campus through our French Club and Circolo Italiano and our student-led club Les Chevaliers. Activities range from movie nights to talent shows, from board games to dancing. Through in-person activities and social media, students can stay connected and practice their language skills every day.

In addition to in-depth learning of a foreign language and cultures, the Department of French and Italian also teaches students the analytical, communication, and multicultural tools that many employers look for in today's global society.