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Applying for Graduation

Policy statement

An application for graduation with a degree must be submitted to the College Recorder's Office in Owen Hall 003 nine to twelve months ahead of the desired graduation date. Applications can be submitted online through the Recorder's Office website. This should be done no later than June 1 for subsequent May graduation no later than December 1 for subsequent August graduation and no later than March 1 for subsequent December graduation. Failure to file an application by these deadlines may delay graduation.

Candidates for degrees must have all credit on record at least six (6) weeks before the conferral of degrees except that of the current semester. Credit for current semester enrollment in Indiana University or non-Indiana University programs must be posted on the student's Indiana University transcript by the last day of the semester in which the student wishes to graduate. Students enrolled in non–Indiana University programs should make arrangements to have their transcripts sent to the Indiana University Office of Admissions on the Bloomington campus as soon as possible once final grades are posted. Students enrolled in programs where grades will be reported after the end of the Indiana University Bloomington semester should apply for the next appropriate graduation date.

Please consult with the College Recorder's Office (Owen Hall 003 812.855.1821) for further information.

  • 2018-05-01: Edited policy text for clarity.

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