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Grade Point Averages (GPAs)

Policy statement

The College of Arts and Sciences uses various Grade Point Averages (GPAs) as requirements for academic objectives (majors, minors, certificates), for determination of academic standing, and eligibility for academic distinctions. The calculations for these GPAs is comprised of all courses the student has taken through Indiana University, minus the following:

  • Courses taken at the 000–099 level
  • Courses that are defined by the College as not eligible to carry degree credit, including SLST-T courses
  • Courses with a grade of IP, NC, P, S, W, I, or R

These are referred to as GPA-eligible courses. 

The College GPA (sometimes referred to as the Cumulative GPA or Overall GPA) includes all GPA-eligible courses. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the Major, Concentration, Specialization, Minor, and Certificate (collectively, "academic objectives") GPA includes all GPA-eligible courses taken that could have been counted toward the Hours requirement for the given academic objective. This includes courses in which credit hours were not earned because of a repeatability issue as well as those in which the student did not earn a passing (or otherwise high enough) grade.

The College GPA and Major, Concentration, Specialization, Minor, and Certificate GPAs appear only on the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). They do not appear on the transcript, though the College GPA sometimes matches the IU Summary GPA or IU Student Program GPA, which are listed on the transcript but are not used by the College. 

  • 2020-05-01: Update language for clarity (introducing "GPA-eligible"), consistent with College practice.
  • 2018-05-01: No changes from previous version

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