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Department of Anthropology

Departmental Honors

Students on Summer 2019, Fall 2019, or Spring 2020 requirements ANTH-HON


Honors students must enroll in ANTH-A 399 Honors Tutorial in Anthropology, in which a thesis must be prepared from original research. ANTH-A 399 may be repeated once. A one-hour oral examination over the thesis will be administered during the senior year by a three-member committee, of which one member is to be selected from outside the Department of Anthropology. Eligible and interested students should consult with the departmental honors advisor.

The department also offers student membership opportunities in the Kappa Chapter of Lambda Alpha, the National Collegiate Anthropological Honor's Society, a student organization.

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

  • Students must have a College GPA of 3.300 or higher to qualify for admission to a Departmental Honors program and to receive Departmental Honors. Units may set a higher College GPA.
  • Units establish additional criteria, including admissions procedures, academic performance standards, and whether there are required courses, papers, or projects.
  • Students who wish to earn honors in two different units must complete a distinct body of work for each honors notation.