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Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology

Departmental Honors

Students on Summer 2019, Fall 2019, or Spring 2020 requirements FOLK-HON


To graduate with departmental honors in Folklore and Ethnomusicology, students must:

  • compile a 3.500 GPA in Folklore and Ethnomusicology and a 3.300 GPA in university courses;
  • fulfill all of the requirements for a major in Folklore and Ethnomusicology;
  • complete—in addition to the requirements for the major—FOLK-F 399 Reading for Honors (3 cr.) and FOLK-F 499 Honors Thesis (3 cr.), preferably sequentially;
  • submit a 35–50 page thesis or project to a two-to-three person committee;
  • present the thesis or project at an oral defense.

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

  • Students must have a College GPA of 3.300 or higher to qualify for admission to a Departmental Honors program and to receive Departmental Honors. Units may set a higher College GPA.
  • Units establish additional criteria, including admissions procedures, academic performance standards, and whether there are required courses, papers, or projects.
  • Students who wish to earn honors in two different units must complete a distinct body of work for each honors notation.