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Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance

Minor in Dance

Students on Summer 2019, Fall 2019, or Spring 2020 requirements DANCEMIN
The Minor in Dance combines academic study and dance technique, incorporating courses in dance history and modern dance practice, as well as supporting technique. For the latter, students may choose from a variety of dance styles, including ballet, tap, and jazz.


The minor requires at least 18 credit hours, including the requirements listed below.
  1. Required Core.
    1. Core of Dance Techniques. One (1) course:
      • THTR-D 109 Core of Dance Technique
    2. Introduction to Dance Studies. One (1) course:
      • THTR-D 231 Introduction to Dance Studies
  2. Social and Historical Dance and Theatre Studies. One (1) course:
    • THTR-D 332 Twentieth-Century Concert Dance
    • THTR-T 370 History of Theatre and Drama I
    • THTR-T 371 History of Theatre and Drama II
    • AAAD-A 295 Survey of Hip Hop
    • AAAD-A 320 Black Dance History
    • ANTH-A 208 Topics in the Anthropology of the Arts and Expressive Behavior
    • ANTH-E 203 Stigma and the Expressive Arts: Cultivating Compassion
    • ANTH-E 463 Anthropology of Dance
    • CMLT-C 147 Images of the Self: East and West
    • FOLK-E 295 Survey of Hip Hop
    • EDUC-M 334
  3. Dance Techniques. Both of the following with at least three (3) credit hours at the 300–499 level:
    1. Modern Dance. Three (3) credit hours:
      • THTR-D 155 Beginning Modern Dance
      • THTR-D 255 Intermediate Modern Dance
      • THTR-D 355 Advanced Modern Dance
      • Another modern dance technique course with approval of the department
    2. Dance Technique Electives. Three (3) credit hours:
      • AAAD-A 100 African American Dance Company: Foundations and Practices
      • AAAD-A 221 Dance in the African Diaspora
      • THTR-D 154 Beginning Tap Dance
      • THTR-D 156 Introduction to Jazz Dance Technique
      • THTR-D 254 Intermediate Tap Dance
      • THTR-D 256 Intermediate Jazz Dance
      • THTR-D 354 Advanced Tap Dance
      • THTR-D 456 Advanced Jazz Dance
      • THTR-D 457 Jazz Dance Repertory
  4. Advanced Dance Electives. Three (3) credit hours:
    • THTR-D 353 Musical Resources for Dance
    • THTR-D 441 Dance Production I
    • THTR-D 461 Methods of Movement Analysis
    • THTR-D 483 Topics in Dance
    • THTR-T 301 Musical Theatre Dance Styles I
    • THTR-T 302 Musical Theatre Dance Styles II
    • THTR-T 410 Movement for the Theatre I
    • THTR-X 476 Practicum in Community Dance Partnerships
    • Additional Dance Technique course at the 300-499 level
    • Additional course from the Social and Historical Dance and Theatre Studies list above
    • Another THTR course at the 300-499 level with approval of the department
  5. Minor GPA, Hours, and Minimum Grade Requirements.
    1. At least 9 credit hours in the minor must be completed in courses taken through the Indiana University Bloomington campus or an IU-administered or IU co-sponsored Overseas Study program.
    2. At least 9 credit hours in the minor must be completed at the 300–499 level.
    3. Except for the GPA requirement, a grade of C- or higher is required for a course to count toward a requirement in the minor.
    4. A GPA of at least 2.000 for all courses taken in the minor—including those where a grade lower than C- is earned—is required.
    5. Exceptions to minor requirements may be made with the approval of the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, subject to final approval by the College of Arts and Sciences.