Majors, minors + certificates

Departmental HonorsDepartment of French and Italian

Students on Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 requirements.


The Department seeks to nurture the talents of excellent students through the pursuit of independent study and research and the preparation of an honors thesis at the senior level. Our departmental honors program allows students to research in-depth a topic they choose and feel passionate about, and their work will show potential employers that graduates are self-motivated, resourceful, and skilled in deep analysis and high-level writing. Foreign travel is encouraged, and credit may be earned for intensive study in a foreign country.

Because of our department's belief that honors students have distinct needs that must be met through ongoing dialogue and mentoring from faculty, they may participate in designing some aspects of their curriculum.

Honors requirements

  1. Readings for Honors. One (1) course:
    • (for French majors)
    • (for Italian majors)
  2. Honors Thesis. Successfully complete honors thesis based on independent research.
  3. Major GPA. Honors candidates must have a GPA of at least 3.500 in a French or Italian major at the time of graduation.
  4. GPA and Hours Requirements.
    1. Students must have a College GPA of 3.300 or higher to qualify for admission to a Departmental Honors program and to receive Departmental Honors. Units may set a higher College GPA.
    2. Units establish additional criteria, including admissions procedures, academic performance standards, and whether there are required courses, papers, or projects.
    3. Students who wish to earn honors in two different units must complete a distinct body of work for each honors notation.