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Department of Germanic Studies

4+1 College Pathway to the Master of Arts in Modern German Culture

Students on Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019 requirements GERBA-PATH
The 4+1 College Pathway to the Master of Arts in Modern German Culture allows qualified students to begin graduate studies in Modern German Culture while pursuing an undergraduate degree at Indiana University Bloomington. With appropriate planning, students can graduate with both a bachelor's and maste's degree in about five (5) years. Students admitted to the Pathway will be able to take advantage of a simplified admissions process to the University Graduate School as well as other benefits.

The Pathway prepares students for careers in either the private or public sector. Advanced competence in the language, history, and culture of German-speaking Europe makes students highly competitive for employment in the global economy, green technology, teaching, and the military or foreign service. Alone or combined with College programs such as European Studies, Liberal Arts and Management, Political and Civic Engagement, or coursework in the School of Global and International Studies, students will be positioned for jobs in U.S.-based multinational as well as industries, banks, and research and cultural centers in German-speaking Europe. It is also ideal preparation for advanced degrees in international law or schools of public policy and business.


Students must satisfy all requirements for the B.A. in Germanic Studies. While graduate courses are typically taken before completion of the B.A. degree, they cannot be applied to both the graduate and undergraduate degree. The courses will apply to the graduate degree once the B.A. degree has been conferred. Students must also satisfy all the University Graduate School requirements for the Master of Arts in Modern German Culture.