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Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program (LTAM) is an interdepartmental program offering integrated study opportunities to students planning careers in teaching, research, journalism, government, and business. Recognizing the varied objectives of students, the Latin American and Caribbean studies faculty has attempted to provide diverse formats and levels of study in the program.

Although the program offers no undergraduate major, students may choose Latin American and Caribbean studies as a minor or obtain a certificate along with the bachelor's degree in an academic discipline. In either case, the program provides the student with a basic knowledge of the anthropology, art, economics, folklore, geography, history, languages, literatures, music, and politics of Latin America. These credentials are especially useful to students who contemplate advanced study in the area or who plan to work or live in Latin America. Students may elect to complete the minor or the certificate but not both.