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College Entrance Requirements

Policy statement

  1. Any student admitted as a degree-seeking undergraduate to Indiana University Bloomington may pursue an undergraduate degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, except for the following:
    1. Any student currently in Dismissal status from an Indiana University Bloomington academic unit or the campus itself may not enter the College without permission of the College’s Academic Retention Committee. The committee will publish the rules, procedures, and timelines for consideration under this provision.
    2. Any student whose primary degree objective at Indiana University Bloomington is in another IUB school or program and the student wishes to retain the non-College degree objective as their primary degree objective. Such students may apply to become a College of Arts and Sciences student by completing the College’s Concurrent Second Bachelor’s Degree Application.
    3. Any student who has completed a bachelor’s degree at IU or any other institution. Such students may apply to become a College of Arts and Sciences student by completing the College’s Sequential Second Bachelor’s Degree Application.
    4. Any student who is prohibited from declaring or changing degree objectives per another University, Campus, or College policy or procedure.
  2. Some undergraduate degree programs have special admission requirements in order for a student to declare the degree program or special review procedures to remain in it. These requirements and procedures are listed in the Bulletin under the requirements for the degree program.
  3. Students entering the College of Arts and Sciences from another Indiana University Bloomington school will be assigned a College Academic Standing based on the College’s Academic Standing policy for the student’s most recent term of enrollment.

  • 2024-05-01: This policy was updated to reflect that English composition, 26 credit hours, and a College and major GPA of 2.000 or higher is no longer required for most students to enter the College. It also clarifies that students seeking to complete second degrees and those who have been dismissed from an IUB school must follow special procedures to be considered for entrance to the College.

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