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The Media School

Bachelor of Arts in Media

Students on Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 requirements MEDIABA

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Media study the organization and practices of mass media in our current era with a focus on how mass media work, produce meaning and shape society. They receive integrated instruction in verbal and visual communication including the study of practices across multiple media platforms that affect and inform beliefs, attitudes, values, identities, and behaviors of individuals, groups, and the public; and practice critique and application of media design, focusing on multiple platforms of media including emergent forms. Courses teach students to interpret and evaluate the huge mass of mediated information from a critical perspective so that they can use media wisely and ethically. They learn how to participate as informed citizens in a global digital world. The streamlined and flexible design of the major incorporates foundational, theoretical, and skills coursework focused on the convergence of information technologies and the rapid evolution in the fields of cinema, advertising, telecommunications, digital media, game design and other emerging media platforms.