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Department of English

Minor in Communication and Public Advocacy

Students on Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019 requirements COPUADVMIN
Classes associated with this minor give students the opportunity to study the written, oral, visual, and digital tactics that individuals and groups use to advocate for public issues and causes. In addition, students will gain communication skills that are valuable regardless of their major, that contribute to their ability to engage in civic life, and that are sought by employers. Students will develop the skills required to express and argue for their ideas in various settings by analyzing the ideas and arguments of others and by improving their ability to respond persuasively.


The minor requires at least 15 credit hours, including the requirements listed below.
  1. Electives. 15 credit hours:
    • ENG-R 209 Topics in Rhetoric and Public Culture
    • ENG-R 210 Introduction to Digital Rhetoric
    • ENG-R 211 Rhetoric and Sports
    • ENG-R 212 Communicating Sustainability
    • ENG-R 222 Democratic Deliberation
    • ENG-R 224 Persuasion
    • ENG-R 228 Argumentation and Public Advocacy
    • ENG-R 305 Rhetorical Criticism
    • ENG-R 321 Rhetoric, Law, and Culture
    • ENG-R 339 Freedom of Speech
    • ENG-R 340 The Rhetoric of Social Movements
    • ENG-R 342 Rhetoric and Race
    • ENG-R 348 Environmental Communication
    • ENG-R 355 Public Memory in Communication and Culture
    • ENG-R 396 The Study of Public Advocacy
    • ENG-R 397 Visual Rhetoric
    • ENG-R 398 Culture, Identity, and the Rhetoric of Place
    • ENG-W 231 Professional Writing Skills
    • ENG-W 240 Community Service Writing
    • ENG-W 270 Argumentative Writing
    • ENG-W 321 Advanced Technical Writing
    • ENG-W 350 Advanced Expository Writing
  2. Minor GPA, Hours, and Minimum Grade Requirements.
    1. At least 9 credit hours in the minor must be completed in courses taken through the Indiana University Bloomington campus or an IU-administered or IU co-sponsored Overseas Study program.
    2. At least 9 credit hours in the minor must be completed at the 300–499 level.
    3. Except for the GPA requirement, a grade of C- or higher is required for a course to count toward a requirement in the minor.
    4. A GPA of at least 2.000 for all courses taken in the minor—including those where a grade lower than C- is earned—is required.
    5. Exceptions to minor requirements may be made with the approval of the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, subject to final approval by the College of Arts and Sciences.