Majors, minors + certificates

Departmental HonorsDepartment of Sociology

Students on Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019 requirements.


The Departmental Honors program in sociology permits outstanding students to pursue important issues and problems in depth.

Honors requirements

Students must have a College GPA of 3.300 or higher and a Sociology Major GPA of 3.500 to begin the honors program. To graduate with honors in sociology, students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in sociology and complete an honors thesis as part of a two-semester honors seminar sequence (SOC-S 498 and SOC-S 499) and a one-semester graded independent readings course (SOC-X 490).

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

Each of the following:

  • Students must have a College GPA of 3.300 or higher to qualify for admission to a Departmental Honors program and to receive Departmental Honors. Units may set a higher College GPA.
  • Units establish additional criteria, including admissions procedures, academic performance standards, and whether there are required courses, papers, or projects.
  • Students who wish to earn honors in two different units must complete a distinct body of work for each honors notation.