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Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design

Bachelor of Science in Comprehensive Design

Students on Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019 requirements CMPDSGNBS

The Bachelor of Science in Comprehensive Design is a studio-based, interdisciplinary program culminating in a capstone project constructed at the intersection of the many disciplines offered through the School of Art, Architecture + Design. This broadly based curriculum combines a liberal arts education as delivered by the IU College of Arts and Sciences with an innovative program in art and design. Its emphasis on interdisciplinary training and collaboration will benefit design professionals of the future by providing them with design thinking skills necessary to meet the challenges of a burgeoning "culture of making" essential to the nation's economic future. Upon completion of this major, Comprehensive Design students will be well placed to enter a professional degree, such as the Master of Architecture (M. Arch.), graduate study in art and design, or to join the workforce in a variety of design professions.


The major requires at least 47 credit hours, including the requirements listed below.
  1. Creative Core.
    1. Pathways. One (1) course:
      • SOAD-A 100 Pathways: Introduction to Art, Design and Merchandising
    2. Color. One (1) course:
      • SOAD-A 101 Creative Core: Color
    3. Cross-Disciplinary Workshops. Complete the following course two (2) times:
      • SOAD-A 211 Cross-Disciplinary Workshops in Art, Design, and Merchandising
  2. Forums of Exchange.
    1. Intermediate Forums. Complete the following course two (2) times:
      • SOAD-A 201 Forum of Exchange I
    2. Advanced Forums. Complete the following course four (4) times:
      • SOAD-A 401 Forum of Exchange II
  3. Art History.
    • Two (2) ARTH-A courses at the 300–499 level
  4. Comprehensive Design Sequence. Eight (8) courses:
    • SOAD-C 181 Design: Creative Revolution
    • SOAD-C 280 Introduction to Comprehensive Design
    • SOAD-C 380 Topical Issues in Comprehensive Design
    • SOAD-C 381 Topical Issues in Collaborative Design
    • SOAD-D 304 Critical Theory, Writing and Thinking for the Studio Practice
    • SOAD-C 480 Special Problems in Comprehensive Design
    • SOAD-C 481 Intensive Seminar in Comprehensive Design
    • SOAD-X 373 Internship in Professional Practice
  5. Immersive Design Experience. Complete a semester-long immersive design experience such as supervised studio work and independent study with a distinguished designer in residence, participation in an IU-approved/sponsored Study Abroad Program, a full-time design-related internship in the private sector, or a semester in residence at IUCA+D in Columbus.
  6. Capstone. Complete the following course two (2) times and for a total of four (4) credit hours:
    • SOAD-X 490 Independent Study in Interior Design
  7. Major GPA, Hours, and Minimum Grade Requirements.
    1. At least 18 credit hours in the major must be completed in courses taken through the Indiana University Bloomington campus or an IU-administered or IU co-sponsored Overseas Study program.
    2. At least 18 credit hours in the major must be completed at the 300–499 level.
    3. Except for the GPA requirement, a grade of C- or higher is required for a course to count toward a requirement in the major.
    4. A GPA of at least 2.000 for all courses taken in the major—including those where a grade lower than C- is earned—is required.
    5. Exceptions to major requirements may be made with the approval of the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, subject to final approval by the College of Arts and Sciences.